Welcome to AmKor Karate Institutes Main Line


We are a school specializing in teaching the traditional Korean martial art Tang Soo Do.

Comprehensive and challenging lessons are offered for children, adolescents, and adults of all skill levels.

You are invited to attend a week of classes at no charge to see for yourself what sets AmKor apart.

If you decide to join, membership is month-to-month with no contracts to sign and no restrictions on the number of classes taken.

Tang Soo!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to AmKor Karate Institutes Main Line

  1. Great website, Daniel. Thanks for informing us about it.
    Happy New Year to you and Master Kremin.
    The Oberdorfs

  2. This is so great to have our own website!! Now we have better idea what is going on this month and what to expect this year. Thanks so much for creating this space for all of us.


    Kyle & Ethan

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